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Office Of Pastoral Outreach Ministries

Stephen Hay & Palmira Perea Hay, Directors
505-831-8174,  Email:
Rosalie Romero, Secretary

The Office of Pastoral Outreach Ministries coordinates the following ministries:

Ministry to/with the Deaf

Ministry to/with Persons and Families Living with Mental Disabilities or Mental Illnesses

Ministry to/with Persons with Physical Disabilities

Jail/Prison Ministry to Inmates and their Families  
Guidelines for Distribution of Holy Communion to the Incarcerated

Visiting Priests and Eucharistic Ministers in Hospitals

Nursing Homes and other Residential Facilities

The Office of Pastoral Outreach Ministries is liaison to:

Archdiocesan HIV/AIDS Office

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Ministry to/with Deaf

The Deaf Catholic Newsletter:

A monthly newsletter contains places and times of Interpreted Masses in the Archdiocese, activities and events relevant to the deaf community, birthdays, anniversaries and- other news of interest...

Annual Retreat:

An annual retreat, held in alternative places, directed by a qualified person competent in deaf sign language., Retreat information is published in the Deaf Catholic Newsletter.

Sign Language Interpreters:

When there is need for someone to interpret Mass, religious instruction or other activities in Sign Language for the deaf and hard of hearing, you may wish to contact the Pastoral Outreach Office at 831-8174.

Training for Religious Sign Language:

For those who already know Sign Language, we provide training to assist them in interpreting religious language used at Mass or in religious education.

Sign Language Classes:

Sign language classes are offered regularly for those who wish to learn to communicate with the deaf for ministerial or social reasons.

Detention Ministry with Inmates and their Families

Sacramental Ministry:

Families, who have a loved one who is in prison or jail, or a juvenile detention facility may wish to have a priest, deacon or Eucharistic minister visit the family member while they are being detained. If so, please contact the Pastoral Outreach Office (831-8174) to make arrangements for a pastoral visit or for the sacraments. Most of the detention facilities within the boundaries of the Archdiocese have Mass or Communion Service available each week.
Guidelines for Distribution of Holy Communion to the Incarcerated

Pastoral Visiting:

Volunteers are trained for Detention Ministry by the chaplains and volunteer coordinators at detention facilities, and the Pastoral Outreach Ministries Office. Volunteers provide religious education, a caring visit, or pastoral counseling. Anyone interested in becoming involved in Detention Ministry may call the Pastoral Outreach Office (831-8174).

Support Group for Families of the Incarcerated:

Families who have members in detention have the opportunity to participate in a Support Group. The group meeting is facilitated by persons who will assist participants in reflecting on their concerns, emotions and plans for the future.

Transitional Communities:

One of the major goals of those involved in Detention Ministry is to link inmates, who are leaving a detention facility, with a Catholic faith community for support and encouragement during their transition and thereafter. Parishes can provide a community of care during the very difficult time following release. Currently, this is primarily done through the ministry of Mentors and Partners.  Mentors/Partners meet with an adult or juvenile prior to their release, and then accompany them as they transition into society and faith communities.

Contacts:  Sr. Sharon Brannen, FdCC,  Project Coordinator - Youth - Thresholds Detention Ministry
                4000 St. Joseph Place NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120
                505-323-8643   fax 505-332-0342

                Sr. Sue Reif, OSM,  Project Coordinator - Adult Detention Ministry
                4000 St. Joseph Place NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120
                505-890-9987   fax 505 831-8345

Ministry with the Developmentally and Physically Disabled

Mission Statement:

Believing in the sanctity and dignity of the person and in the caring presence of God in the community, the Office of Pastoral Outreach Ministries, in cooperation with other Archdiocesan offices, oversees, coordinates and enables ministry to/with persons living with disabilities.

Major Functions:

Assess the spiritual needs of persons living with disabilities

Provide training and education to enable individuals and faith communities to respond to these needs

Serve as a communication link among persons with disabilities and those who minister to/with them

Respond to requests for services, information, and networking on issues related to persons living with disabilities

Act as a liaison, with Archdiocesan offices, parishes, and agencies.

Annual Retreat:

Twice a year a weekend retreat for the Developmentally Disabled is sponsored by the Office of Pastoral Outreach Ministries. Volunteers from the community assist the retreatants according to need. The retreat provides spiritual, social and interactive opportunities and is generally held at Madonna Center in Albuquerque. Volunteers are always welcome and we are open to invitations to provide similar retreats in other parts of the Archdiocese.

Catechesis for Persons With Disabilities:

A Task Force has been formed, in conjunction with the Archdiocesan Religious Education Office. The goal of the task force is to raise awareness, train, and support catechists and families who provide religious education for persons with disabilities.

When possible and fruitful, persons with disabilities are to be integrated into religious education programs in the parish. The catechist may be assisted by an aide or an interpreter for the deaf in order to provide individual help to children with disabilities in the classroom. When this is not feasible, individual catechesis of persons with disabilities can be scheduled when the regular religious education programs are held. It is important to include children with disabilities into the worship and social activities of the religious education programs whenever possible.

Hospital Ministry

Patients and Families of Your Parish:

When possible, notify your parish priest if you or a family member will be hospitalized. The priest may administer the Sacrament of Anointing before you or your family member enters the hospital.

Persons admitted to the hospital who want to be visited by a chaplain, Eucharistic minister or visiting priest should let the Hospital Personnel know that you are a Catholic. A computer print-out of patients is generated each day. This list is used by the visiting priest, chaplain or Eucharistic minister to provide pastoral/spiritual care to the patients. If a patient's religious preference is listed as "unknown" the patient may not receive a visit from the Pastoral/Spiritual Staff at the hospital if they are very busy.

Pastoral/Spiritual Care Offices:

St. Joseph Hospital 727-8370

University of New Mexico Hospital 272-1796

Presbyterian Hospital 841-1191

Lovelace Hospital 262-7345

Veterans Administration US Hospital 256-2735

Eucharistic Ministers:

Lay Eucharist Ministers provide a great service by bringing the Eucharist to patients in the hospitals and nursing homes. If you would be interested in becoming involved in this ministry, contact the Pastoral Outreach Office at 831-8174.

National Catholic Office of Persons With Disabilities

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