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Liturgical Updates
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Spring/Summer 2002 Liturgical Update

New Liturgy Planning Website Oracional Bilingue: A Prayer Book for Spanish-English Communities
NPM Pastoral Liturgy Express Quincianera: A Celebration of Life
New Roman Missal Parish Liturgy Evaluation
Beginning Plus RCIA Institute Building or Renovation of Worship Space
Prayer Leadership and Lay Ministry

New Liturgy Planning Website

The Center for Liturgy at St. Louis University has recently unveiled a new liturgy planning website: It has four main sections:

  1. Prayer about Sunday’s readings: prayer and mediation based on the method of St. Ignatius
  2. Spirituality of Sunday’s Mass, including meditations, poetic materials and works of justice
  3. Information about Sunday and its Readings, helpful to homilists, presiders and liturgy planners
  4. Some Musical Ideas, Sunday musical suggestions.

The website also gives 100 descriptive links to other websites that pertain to liturgy, music, scripture, preaching, etc. Check it out!

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NPM Pastoral Liturgy Express

Last year’s success with the NPM Cantor School Express in Albuquerque has encouraged NPM (National Association of Pastoral Musicians) to sponsor another Express weekend in our archdiocese again this summer. The NPM Pastoral Liturgy Express will be held from August 23-25, 2002 at the Madonna Retreat and Conference Center in Albuquerque, from Friday at 4pm ending Sunday at 4pm. This weekend is particularly for parish musicians, liturgy planners, deacons, liturgical ministers, religious educators, Catholic school religion teachers …

This intensive weekend will offer a basic foundation in the Mass, sacraments and other rites of the Roman Catholic Church in order to foster liturgy-centered spirituality and guide pastoral practice.

Schedule includes:

  • Sessions on the structure of the Mass, sacraments, and other rites, the liturgical year, and key principles of liturgy
  • Coaching in leading and preparing liturgy
  • Reflection on pastoral practice
  • Sampling of liturgical music of many styles
  • Shared prayer, meals, discussions


  • Dr. J. Michael McMahon, long-time parish director of liturgy and music ministries and current president of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians.
  • Ms. Mary Prete, general manager of World Library Publications and long-time pastoral musician.

Call Office of Worship for a complete brochure and registration information.

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New Roman Missal

On Monday, March 18, 2002 the third edition of the Roman Missal, published in Latin, was presented to Pope John Paul II. Included at the beginning of the Missal is its General Instruction, also in Latin. The Missal is now ready to be translated by the various language groups around the world. No date was given for an official English translation. Included in any United States English version of the Roman Missal will be any indults granted by the Holy See for the dioceses of the United States.

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Beginning Plus RCIA Institute

There is still room for participants in the Beginnings Plus Institute sponsored by the North American Forum on the Catechumenate on June 27-30, 2002 in Albuquerque. Call the Office of Worship and Christian Initiation for a brochure.

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Prayer Leadership and Lay Ministry

St. Norbert College Graduate Program is sponsoring a practicum course this summer in Lay Presiding. It is designed to introduce students to the art and skill of leading public worship in the Roman Catholic tradition. The structure of various liturgical rites will be reviewed including communion services, wake and committal services, morning and evening prayer, prayer services with the sick, etc. The course will culminate with students planning and leading one liturgical service that will be evaluated by the class. The course instructor is Dolly Sokol. The course may be taken for credit or non-credit. For information, call Frances Vogel-Montano 831-8151.

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Oracional Bilingue: A Prayer Book for Spanish-English Communities

A wonderful prayer book is available for praying bi-lingually. Oracional Bilingue is designed with facing pages in English and Spanish. It includes many well-known prayers, devotions such as The Way of the Cross, The Holy Rosary, Everyday Prayers, Prayer in Time of Illness, Prayer at the Time of Death, and the text of the Mass and the Sacrament of Reconciliation. It is available for $7.95 from The Liturgical Press 1-800-858-5450. A copy is available for perusal in the Office of Worship.

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Quincianera: A Celebration of Life

A beautiful ritual book for the parish celebration of Quinceanera is now available in a bi-lingual edition. It is endorsed and approved by the National Institute for Hispanic Liturgy and the United States Bishop’s Conference on the Liturgy. It is well researched and documented and includes the complete ritual, including the religious rite; the reception or banquet and the music and dance. It is available from the Mexican American Cultural Center Book Store 1- 210-732-2156.

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Parish Liturgy Evaluation

Does your parish liturgy need a boost? Let members of our Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission visit your Sunday liturgies and offer you constructive feedback on how to improve your liturgical celebrations. To schedule an evaluation, call the Office of Worship.

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Building or Renovation of Worship Space

Is your parish thinking about building or renovating its worship space? The Environment & Art Subcommittee is ready to assist you with thoughts and ideas in accordance with the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy and Built of Living Stones. Invite us out for a visit! Call the Office of Worship.

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