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† Worship &
  Christian Initiation

Worship &
Christian Initiation

Liturgical Institute
of the Southwest
Sacramental Policies
For Liturgical Music
For Liturgical
Environment & Art
For Liturgy
On Christian Funerals
On Christian Initiation
For Wedding Music

For Religious Art for
the Worship Space

Liturgy Updates

Bibliography for Liturgical Music

Original Sources

Music in Catholic Worship, USCC, OCP

Liturgical Music Today, USCC, OCP

The Liturgy Documents: A Parish Resource, Liturgy Training Publications (LTP)

  • Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy
  • General Instruction to the Roman Missal
  • Appendix to the General Instruction for Dioceses of the United States
  • Lectionary for Mass: Introduction
  • General Norms for the Liturgical Year and Calendar
  • Ceremonial of Bishops
  • Directory for Masses with Children
  • This Holy and Living Sacrifice
  • Music in Catholic Worship
  • Liturgical Music Today
  • Environment & Art in Catholic Worship
  • Fulfilled in Your Hearing: The Homily in the Sunday Assembly

Pastoral Sources


  • Anderson, David & Kunde, Mary Beth. Handbook of Church Music for Weddings
  • Bernardin, Cardinal. Guide for the Assembly
  • Brownstead, Frank & McCollam, Pat. The Volunteer Choir
  • Connolly, Michael. The Parish Cantor
  • Fleming, Austin. Preparing for Liturgy
  • Fleming, Austin. Parish Weddings
  • Funk, Virgil. An NPM Workbook: Job Descriptions, Contracts, Salary
  • Haas, David. Music and the Mass
  • Huck, Gabe. Liturgy with Style and Grace
  • Huck, Gabe. Sunday Liturgy in Five Years
  • Iotti, Paolo. Forming a Liturgical Choir
  • Johnson, Lawrence. A Singer’s Companion to the Church Year
  • Kodner, Diana. Handbook for Cantors
  • Lovrien, Peggy. The Liturgical Music Answer Book
  • Mahony, Cardinal. Gather Faithfully Together: Guide for Sunday Mass
  • Mick, Lawrence. Worshipping Well
  • NPM, Hiring a Music Director: A Handbook and Guide
  • Phillipart, David, ed. Prayers for Those Who Make Music
  • Rendler, Elaine. This is the Day
  • Rendler, Elaine. In the Midst of the Assembly
  • Scagnelli, Peter. Sourcebook for Sundays and Seasons

Magazines and Periodicals

  • Pastoral Music (periodical) (NPM)
  • Ministry and Liturgy (periodical) (Resource Publications)
  • Rite (periodical) (LTP)
  • Gracias (periodico) (LTP)
  • Today’s Liturgy (periodical) (OCP)
  • AIM (periodical) (WLP)
  • Liturgia y Cancion (periodico) (OCP)

Videos, CDs

  • Brownstead, Frank. Cantoring: A Video Notebook: Parts I and II (videos) (OCP)
  • Fisher, Bobby. The Liturgical Guitarist: Part I and II (videos) (OCP)
  • Foley, Edward. The Eucharist as Mystagogy (4 volume CD) (WLP)
  • Prendergast, Michael. Music in the Liturgy for Small Parishes (video) (OCP)
  • The Roman Catholic Mass Today (video) (LTP)
  • We Shall Go Up with Joy: The Entrance Rite (video) (LTP)
  • The Word of the Lord: The Liturgy of the Word (video) (LTP)
  • Lift Up Your Hearts: The Eucharistic Prayer (video) (LTP)
  • Say Amen to What You Are: The Communion Rite (video) (LTP)
  • The Liturgies of the Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil (videos)(LTP)

Major Liturgical Publishers

  • Liturgy Training Publications (LTP) 800-933-1800
  • The Liturgical Press 800-858-5450
  • United States Catholic Conference (USCC) 800-235-8722
  • Resource Publications 888-273-7782
  • Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) 800-548-8749
  • National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) 202-723-5800
  • World Library Publications (WLP) 800-566-6150
  • GIA Publications 800-GIA-1358


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