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The first office dedicated to employee affairs was established in 1987 as the Office of Lay Personnel Services, and was primarily concerned with the development of benefits and addressing employee issues at the Catholic Center. In 1994, the scope of the office was extended to provide comprehensive human resource services which include consultant services in employment matters to the parishes, as well as direct employment service to the Catholic Cemetery Association. The Director of Human Resources is part of the Chancellor's Division of the Catholic Center, and serves as an ex-officio member of the Archbishop's Cabinet.

Currently, the Human Resource Office provides (a) benefit plan administration (medical, dental, vision, life, dependent life, accidental death, and retirement options) to the parishes and schools of the Archdiocese; (b) consultations to Pastors, Parish Life Coordinators, Business Managers, and parish employees in employment issues ranging from hiring to termination; and (c) assists parishes in the development of an employee handbook to provide a better understanding of the ministry of service shared by employer and employee. The Human Resource Office works closely with the Archdiocesan attorneys on all employment issues.

"At Will" or "Just Cause" Employment

Each parish should determine whether the parish is an "At Will" or "Just Cause" employer. "At Will" employment simply means that the employer can arbitrarily dismiss an employee at any time. "Just Cause" employment, which is recommended by the Church and the NCCB, provides for the fair treatment of employees in the following manner while realizing that the employers rules of employment must be followed:

  1. a right to be treated with respect
  2. a right to work
  3. a right to employment security

Regardless of the type of employment selected, should litigation follow a termination, documentation will be required. "Just Cause" employment provides a consistent flow of documentation, while "At Will" employment leaves the process of documentation up to the employer.

Mandatory Sexual Abuse Workshop

All new employees in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe must attend a Sexual Abuse Workshop sponsored by the Archdiocese within the first six months of employment. For workshop dates and locations, please contact the Chancellor's office at 505.831.8158.

Sample Job Descriptions

To all Pastors, PLC's, and Business Managers:   Many of you have requested sample Job Descriptions for the parish level.  Human Resources can now provide you with an approved position description for parish level positions.  The position descriptions available are from a variety of dioceses and are approved by NACPA.  To receive a copy of a position, please call the Director of Human Resources at 505.831.8130 or Contact Us .

Available Job Descriptions
Adult Education Coordinator
Adult Faith Formation Coordinator
Associate Pastor 
Bus Driver
Business Administrator
Business and Pastoral Administrator
Business Manager
Cafeteria Manager
Campus Minister
Canonical Pastor
Catering Coordinator
Child Development Program Director
Choir Director
Day Care Coordinator
Day Care Teacher
Day Care Worker
Development Director
Evangelization Director
Evangelization Coordinator
Evening Building Supervisor
Family and Adult Ministries Director
Kitchen Worker
Library Coordinator
Maintenance Helper
Maintenance Supervisor
Maintenance Worker
Media Coordinator
Music Director
Office Helper
Pastoral Administrator (PLC)
Pastoral Administrator
Pastoral Associate
Pastoral Minister
Permanent Deacon
RCIA Coordinator
Recreation Program Director
Recreation Programmer
Religious Education Coordinator
Religious Education Director
Resident Associate Pastor
Sacramental Minister
Manager/Administrative Assistant
Social Ministry Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Youth Minister
Youth Ministry Coordinator



Office of Human Resources

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