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Office of Evangelization and Stewardship
Deacon Juan Barajas, Director
Phone: 505-831-8152
Rocâo Del Valle, Secretary
Phone: 505- 831-8147


The Archdiocesan Office of Evangelization is leaven, inviting every Catholic parish, institution, and diocesan ministry to recognize that evangelization is "the essential mission of the Church" (Evangelization in the Modem World # 14).

The Office of Evangelization (and Stewardship) helps the local Church to discern its evangelizing potential and offers methods and materials to make such potential a reality in our Archdiocese.

An Evangelization Council is formed...

  • To promote evangelization in our parish communities, inviting every parish ministry to adopt an evangelization perspective, connecting all their individual ministries into the large picture of building the body of Christ.

  • To initiate and guide the parish' missionary outreach to inactive Catholics and the unchurched.

  • To form and train Catholic evangelizers for services such as Home Visitation, Evangelization Retreats, Small Church Communities, Parish Census, Welcoming Returning Catholics, Evangelization efforts in the Media, and many others.

The Office of Evangelization is aware of the multicultural diversity of our Archdiocese, and is sensitive to the uniqueness of each of the many groups that make our society.

An exceptional effort of the Office of Evangelization has been made on the outreach to Hispanic Immigrants. Most of them, raised as Catholics in their own countries, search for a religious home away from home. When often they don't find such a home in the Catholic Church, they turn away towards more welcoming communities.

With the grace of God we will make ours the commandment of Jesus: "Go and make disciples."

    Evangelization Links

Some good sites for knowing and defending your faith:

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The Archdiocesan Office of Stewardship is to promote among the people of God the educational efforts of Christian Stewardship.

The Office of Stewardship (and Evangelization) helps to promote Christian Stewardship, not as a fundraising program, but as a "Way of Life" in which Catholics, as faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus, accept the responsibility for their parishes and contribute generously - both personal service and financial support - because of the joy there is in giving, and because of the ownership they have over their parishes.

The Office of Stewardship of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe has taken a leading role in promoting Christian Stewardship as a way of life, as the response of the disciple. Based on that, a program was created to be implemented in the parishes in a four week period.

  1. Gratitude Awareness (Week one) The entire parish family is invited this week, by letters and homilies, in Spanish and English, to consider with gratitude the many blessings received.

  2. Time and Talents (Week two) Parish members are invited this week to recognize, accept, and use their gifts of time and talents. The purpose of this talk, given by the Director or volunteers of the Office is to help parishioners realize how important the good use of our talents is for the well being of the family, community, and Church.

  3. Treasures (Week three) Parish members are invited this week to consider the financial blessing received. The purpose of this talk, given also by the Director or volunteers of the Office of Stewardship, is to touch on the responsibility to give back to God not because the Church's needs, but because we need to give back as a sign of gratitude, love and worship. The tithing- concept is introduced, not so much as an obligation, even though it is; we introduce it as a privilege we have.

  4. Covenant (Week four) This week's homily is given by the pastor, who invites the parishioners to respond to the stewardship call, and introduces the parish as the catalyst of the blessings of all. Blessings which, when shared empowered the Church as the body of Christ to promote God's kingdom.

RENEWALS: As parishes promote stewardship for the first time, they are invited to have renewals every year pointing out certain aspects of Christian Stewardship.

Stewardship Sundays: Parish Teams are being trained during the month of August to promote Stewardship Sundays in November. The Concept of Christian Stewardship has helped our Archdiocese in difficult times, and will continue to help us in the future. Practicing our discipleship is what stewardship is all about.


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