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REPORTING SEXUAL MISCONDUCT: Anyone sexually abused as a minor or who knows about a case of sexual abuse of a minor should immediately report it to the civil authorities. When such sexual abuse has been committed by a cleric, religious, seminarian, diocesan or parish employee or a diocesan or parish volunteer it also should be reported to the Archbishop of Santa Fe through the Archdiocesan Victims' Assistance Coordinator, 505.831.8144.

The following information includes resources and documentation reflecting the Archdiocese of Santa Fe’s commitment and compliance to the U.S. Bishops' Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People Bishops' Charter.


Archdiocesan Policy

2014 Abuse Awareness Training for Adults Relating to Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Harassment2006 Policy

2006 Política de la Arquidiócesis de Santa Fe Sobre la Conducta Sexual Inapropiada y el Acoso Sexual Spanish Sexual Misconduct Policy

The first Archdiocese of Santa Fe policy relating to sexual misconduct was promulgated on July 1, 1990.  The ASF Policy was one of the first in the USA to require that any knowledge of sexual abuse of a minor be immediately reported to proper law enforcement authorities.  Since 1990, thousands of paid personnel, volunteers and parents have participated, as required, in workshops to be better informed and learn what we must do together to assure that the home, school, workplace and Church are safe environments. In an effort to provide guidance and direction, we periodically review our policy and update as needed to prevent sexual misconduct and harassment.  The revised policy was promulgated by Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan on August 6, 2006.


Articles on Archdiocesan Compliance with Charter


Prayer, Promise, Pledge to Heal



Annette M. Klimka, LMSW

Victim Assistance and Safe Environment Coordinator Archdiocese of Santa Fe

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