Archdiocese of Santa Fe

Office of Worship
and Office of Christian Initiation

Director: Dolores (Dolly) Sokol
Secretary: Angela Flores

Phone: (505) 831-8194

Liturgy Update
  January-February 2001

Mission of the Office of Worship and Christian Initiation 

The mission of the Office of Worship and Christian Initiation is to:

· Provide ongoing education/catechesis of clergy and laity

· Offer liturgical consultation and respond to questions/concerns of clergy and laity

· Plan and implement Archdiocesan liturgical celebrations

· Be an expert advisor for the Archbishop in liturgical matters

· Support and engage in ongoing learning about liturgy in the larger church context

· Collaborate with Pastoral Ministries Division, other Archdiocesan offices, Cathedral, Native American community, African American community, etc.

· Provide for professional development of the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission

· Network and coordinate archdiocesan liturgical ministries

· Empower parish liturgical ministers to share talent and gifts with other parishes

· Encourage good liturgy wherever it is found

· Advertise services available from Office of Worship and Christian Initiation


The Archbishop is the chief liturgist of the archdiocese. The Office of Worship and Christian Initiation assists him in the work of the liturgy.

The Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission reports to and collaborates with the Office of Worship to assist in the work of the liturgy. The Vicar of Worship sits on the Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission and is the Archbishop’s liaison to the Commission.

Areas of Responsibility

· Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

· Liturgical Music

· Environment and Art

· Liturgical Ministries

· Clergy Liturgical Education

Annual Liturgical Celebrations

· Rite(s) of Election

· Chrism Mass

· Ordinations

Each year the Office of Worship and Christian Initiation offers workshops and conferences to assist parishes in improving their liturgical life. Call the Office for upcoming learning and prayer opportunities.

The Ministry of the Assembly

(Excerpts from the keynote address of Bishop Donald Trautman at the Jubilee 2000 Archdiocesan Eucharistic Congress)

· The liturgical assembly is the Body of Christ, the community of God’s people who have come together in faith to worship. We do not go to Mass to watch what happens. We go there to make it happen. We are the Body of Christ – the assembly - and what happens at Mass happens through us.

· The liturgy must be moved from something the priest does alone - to a celebration by all the people. The liturgy must be moved from one activity among thousands of things that the parish does – to the primary activity of the parish.

· What was recovered at the Vatican Council was the dignity of Baptism. Recovered was an understanding that our bodily presence at Eucharist is not enough, that the liturgy asks for a variety of responses: prayer, song, gesture, listening, eating. What was recovered was the understanding that this full and active participation by the people is the aim to be considered before all else in the reform and renewal of the liturgy.

· Our liturgical assemblies are to challenge cultural values at odds with gospel values. Our liturgy should make us squirm in our places when we hear the radical message of the prophets or Christ in the Beatitudes.

· Since there are pastoral needs beyond the sanctuary and church doors, the liturgical assembly must move into the streets. It is not enough to pray in our petitions at the Eucharist for the hungry and homeless; it is not enough to pray for the poor and the powerless.

· A parish is alive when the liturgy is alive. Good celebrations foster and nourish faith. Poor celebrations weaken and destroy faith. Everyone in the assembly should work together to make the Mass the center, the heartbeat, the source and summit of parish life.

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