Archdiocese of Santa Fe

The Marriage Enrichment Weekend Program

The marriage enrichment program is designed to enrich marriage through the sharing of real life experiences, to provide mutual support for married and engaged couples, and to build couple leadership and parish community.

Sharing of Life Experiences: through personal witnessing in talks and discussion

Mutual Support: through the opportunity to reflect, share and learn together about the marriage vocation and the assignment of a sponsor couple to the engaged couples

Parish oriented program

Topics covered:

God's Plan for Marriage; Man/Woman/God in Marriage; Understanding of Self; Marriage Partners; Communication; Problem Marriages; Love & Sex; Challenges in Marriage; Children/Family/ Relatives; Joys of Marriage; Christian Marriage; Marriage in the Community; Marriage as a Sacrament; Growth With God in Marriage.

For More Information, call:

Fil & Alice Chavez: (505) 831-3283 (Albuquerque)

Ralph & Ruth Johnson: (505) 884-8250 (Albuquerque)

Sr. Maria Luisa Vasquez: (505) 821-1571 (Albuquerque)

(En Espanol) Diego & Emma Ruiz (505) 836-6073 (Albuquerque)

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