Archdiocese of Santa Fe


is a community of adults offering support and fellowship

to persons suffering from loss of a spouse through death, divorce or separation.

to persons, who, having adjusted to the loss of a spouse, seek fellowship with men and women who share a similar history

As members of DOVES:

we believe that Christ remains with us through turmoil and crises,

we believe that a new beginning is possible and that we can experience self-affirmation,

we support each other in our pain and through our spiritual and emotional growth.

we offer ourselves willingly and unselfishly when called upon to help our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Stages of Healing

The "survival stage" is intended for those who have suffered a recent loss or who have not had the opportunity fully to come to grips with their loss.

The "healing stage" helps people make the needed adjustments to begin the process of healing and to enable the person understand how complete healing takes place.

The "growth stage" is intended to provide the person with some tools to start anew.

These stages of bereavement have been likened to the Paschal Mystery, - the suffering, death,and resurrection of Jesus.

Some of the subjects covered by the DOVES Ministry are: the grieving process, dealing with shock, denial, fear and anger, depression and rejection.

DOVES also deals with seeking a new way of life, learning how to handle those responsibilities previously taken care of by the missing partner, single parenting, and rebuilding self-esteem.

Healing takes a long time. Anyone who has experienced the loss of a spouse is welcome - both Catholics and non-Catholics.

This information comes from an article written by Karen Cordova in the August, 1996, issue of The People of God, our Archdiocesan newspaper.

Call Alice Sweet at (505) 323-0858 for more information.

Schedule Of Meetings

Assumption (505) 256-9818

Lomas and Tennessee NE
2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month at 7 PM in the Parish Office

Risen Savior (505) 821-1571

South of Paseo del Norte on Wyoming NE
1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month at 7 PM

Rio Rancho (505) 867-3787

San Clemente, Los Lunas (505) 865-7385

1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month

Santa Maria de la Paz, Santa Fe (505) 473-4200

Every Wednesday of the month

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