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Main Switchboard Number  505 831-8100
   Several of these offices have Email addresses and links to other pages.
Archbishop's Office Most Rev. Michael J. Sheehan, STL, JDC
Executive Secretary Dolores Cordova 831-8100, Fax: 831-8115
People Of God (Archdiocesan Newspaper)
Publisher Archbishop Michael Sheehan  
Editor Sr. Nancy Kazik 831-8188
AdministrativeAssistant Dea Fairchild 831-8188,
Chancellor's Office
Chancellor / Moderator of the Curia Director for Priests Msgr. Joseph Pepe 831-8158,


Executive Secretary Victoria Sais 831-8158, Fax 831-8115
Vice-Chancellor Rev. Donald Starkey 831-8148
Vice-Chancellor Sr. Nancy Kazik,OSF 831-8188,
Executive Secretary Dea Fairchild 831-8188
Administrative Assistant Cora Chavez 831-8159, Fax 831-8225  Email:
Communications/Media Director
TV Mass
Celine Baca Radigan 831-8180 
Secretary Marcella Gonzales 831-8162  Email:
Historic/Artistic Patrimony, Archives and Museum, Director
Commission for the Preservation of Historic Churches in New Mexico, Preservation Coordinator
Marina Ochoa SF 983-3811  Email:

Address: 223 Cathedral Place, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 87501

Administrative Assistant Loretta Medrano-Medina SF 983-3811
Receptionist Carolina Peralta SF 983-3811
Human Resources
Director Walter Duguay 831-8130, 
Administrative Assistant Cathy Salcido 831-8118 Email:
Diaconate Program Deacon Donald Lucero (h)672-9826, (w) 662-6331, Fax 662-5191, Los Alamos, NM Email:
Ecumenical / Interreligious Affairs Rev. Ernest Falardeau, SSS 831-8344, at St. Charles Parish: 242-3462.  
Secretary Patricia Weston 242-3462
Mission Office Rev. Arkad Biczak John XXIII CC: 293-0088
Office for Religious, Director Sr. Nancy Kazik, OSF 831-8188
Executive Secretary Dea Fairchild 831-8188
Judicial Vicar Rev. Jerome Plotkowski 831-8177,  
Notaries Ledia Apodaca, Helen Wills, Julianna Jaramillo 831-8341, 8177, 8342
Director Rev. John Carney 831-8143  
Associate Director Rev. Rick Zerwas 865-7385
Associate Director Deacon Rudy Zamora 831-8143
Archdiocesan Attorney Charles P. Reynolds, Esq. 842-8177
Financial Services Division
Executive Director Tony Salgado 831-8132
Executive Secretary Tillie Garcia 831-8132
Business Manager Joseph Contreras 831-8139
Supervisor Michael Taylor, 831-8240
Assistant Debbie Garcia 831-8137
Accounts Payable Bette Stephens 831-8148
Annual Catholic Appeal
Executive Director Linda J.Garcia 831-8155  Email:
Administrative Assistant Joe Sinico 831-8140,
Assistant Deborah Castle 831-8155  Email:
Audits, Cemeteries
Director & Business Manager Sheri Clark 831-8150, 
Senior Staff Auditor Christina Presley 831-8135
Senior Staff Auditor Debi Apodaca 831-8109
Finance Assistant Donna Martinez 831-8109
Administrative Assistant Loretta Rodriguez 831-8134
Parish / School Accounting & Support Services Coordinator Ruben Martinez 831-8189,
Property / Construction Management
Manager John Huchmala 831-8241,
Administrative Assistant Sandra Griego 831-8136, Fax 831-8190
Catholic Mutual Claims Office Tom Masserini, Sherry Miller 831-8123, 8122
General Services Division
Executive Director Tom Schellenbach 831-8100
Administrative Assistant Sharon Longenbaugh 831-8100
Lourdes Hall Office Leasing Tom Schellenbach 831-8100
Archbishop's Residence Karl Hess  
Plant Engineer Bert Dohle Office: 831-8571, Beeper: 857-1388
Maintenance Anthony Rael 831-8295, Pager: 968-4034
Postal Clerk, Copy Technician Randolph Daughtery 831-8176, Fax 831-8345
Receptionist Sharon Longenbaugh 831-8100
Receptionist Flossie Mitchell (part time volunteer) 831-8100
Security Steve Newman, Peter Courtney 831-8119
Immaculate Heart of Mary Retreat Center, Santa Fe
Director Ben Armijo 988-1975
Secretary Celia Gutierrez 988-1975, Fax 988-3963
Maintenance Jose Ortega, John Vigil 988-1975
Madonna Retreat & Conference Center
Director Dominic Kollasch 831-8196, Email:
Secretary Janet Olmstead 831-8196
Pastoral Ministries Division
Executive Director Frances Vogel 831-8151 Email:
Executive Secretary Rita Lucero 831-8126
Secretary Adela Montano 831-8126
Catholic Schools Office
Superintendent Sr. Michelle Micek, OSF, EdE 831-8173 Email:
Executive Secretary Bernadette Lerma 831-8172  
Secretary  Geraldine Sandoval 831-8173
Evangelization, Hispanic Ministry and Stewardship
Director Deacon Juan Barajas 831-8152
Secretary Gloria Sisneros 831-8146
Native American Ministry Mike Valdo (Vol. Coordinator) 831-8243, 898-5027
Family Life Ministry
Director Heddy Long 831-8117 EMail:
Secretary Frances Andersen 831-8117
Formation For Christian Service
Emmaus Journey (Albuquerque Deaneries) Frances Vogel 831-8151
Education For Ministry (NW Deanery) Joanne Dupont Sandoval 689-2404
Jornada de Fe (Santa Fe Deanery) Juanita Montoya 471-6489
Ministry Resource & Publicity Center
Director Pat McIntire 831-8187 Email:
Secretary Rosalie Romero 831-8179 EMail:
Pastoral Outreach
Director Stephen Hay, 
Palmira Perea Hay
831-8174 Email:
Secretary Rosalie Romero 831-8179
AIDS Ministry Jeff  Stroebel 243-3203
Disabilities and Deaf Ministry Ardith Montano  
Detention & Prison Ministry    
Hospital Ministry    
Residential Care Ministry    
St. Vincent de Paul Zane Wells 265-4210
Religious Education
Director Catherine Abeyta 831-8127 EMail:
Director of Catechetical Support Mary Ann Holland 831-8128 EMail:
Administrative Assistant Mary Armijo 831-8129 EMail:
Social Justice
Director Pro Life Activities, Campaign for Human Development, Legislative Advocacy Joan Leahigh 831-8167 EMail:
Assistant Jude Fornier 831-8167 Email:
Secretary Janet Olmsted 831-8162
African American Ministry Brenda Dabney, coordinator 836-3627
Worship / Liturgy / RCIA
Director Dolores (Dolly) Sokol
Secretary Angela Flores 831-8194 EMail:
Youth & Young Adult Ministry
Director Bernadette Jaramillo 831-8145 EMail:
Secretary Adela Montano 831-8142 EMail:
Campus Ministry
Chaplain- Portales Rev. Tobin Hitt 356-5715
Chaplain - Las Vegas Rev. George Salazar 425-9295
Campus Minister - SFCC Br. James Brown 473-6011
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