Abortion Reconciliation Sessions

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe is holding out the hand of healing to women suffering from post-abortion trauma. This is a Bible-based program offered at the Catholic Center - Kiva Room. Each session, starting at 7 PM, lasts at least two hours.

The Women's Restoration Group at St. Bernadette's Church has successfully conducted this program for five years at that Northeast Albuquerque parish. The new series for 1999 is an effort to reach even more participants. The Archdiocese is pleased to continue this ministry at its main facility.

Among those served are women who have founds the pain resurface years after an abortion. Others have begun the process of healing through the Sacrament of Reconciliation and seek further healing. Participants share their feelings in an informal, non-judgmental atmosphere as they work through the various stages of guilt, anger, shame, grief, depression and denial. They pray together and use a Bible study workbook specifically designed for women who have been through the abortion experience. Individual help also is available. for more information call Connie at 293-8052, or the Archdiocesan Social Justice Office at 831-8167.

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