Mission Statement of the Catholic Center

The Catholic Center consists of people working together in communion with each other. They provide services, resources and programs while overseeing the pastoral and temporal administration of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Santa Fe in service to the Archbishop in his role as teacher, shepherd and sanctifier; and as a support to the entire people of God in their efforts to build up the kingdom of our Lord Jesus.

The mission of the Catholic Center is to enable, empower and educate the ordained, religious and laity of the Archdiocese to use their giftedness in the service of the Gospel. From these efforts the staff of the Catholic Center seeks to form leaders in service to the faith community. This is accomplished by:

1. Providing information, resources, and direction according to Archdiocesan policies and goals.

2. Coordinating, integrating, and networking the activities of the deaneries, parishes, ministries, movements, agencies, and organizations.

3. Being accountable to the people of God and by calling them to accountability as well.

4. Developing and allocating resources in support of our common ministry.

Furthermore, the Catholic Center community dedicates itself to lead by example in:

1. Fostering a family spirit of peace, joy, love, unity, communication, cooperation, and service.

2. Respecting the teachings, traditions and law of the Roman Catholic Church.

3. Utilizing modern, operational principles and encouraging a spirit of professionalism.

4. Being responsive to the ever-changing needs of the people it serves.

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