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Bibliography for Liturgical Music

Original Sources

Music in Catholic Worship, USCC, OCP

Liturgical Music Today, USCC, OCP

The Liturgy Documents: A Parish Resource, Liturgy Training Publications (LTP)

  • Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy
  • General Instruction to the Roman Missal
  • Appendix to the General Instruction for Dioceses of the United States
  • Lectionary for Mass: Introduction
  • General Norms for the Liturgical Year and Calendar
  • Ceremonial of Bishops
  • Directory for Masses with Children
  • This Holy and Living Sacrifice
  • Music in Catholic Worship
  • Liturgical Music Today
  • Environment & Art in Catholic Worship
  • Fulfilled in Your Hearing: The Homily in the Sunday Assembly

Pastoral Sources


  • Anderson, David & Kunde, Mary Beth. Handbook of Church Music for Weddings
  • Bernardin, Cardinal. Guide for the Assembly
  • Brownstead, Frank & McCollam, Pat. The Volunteer Choir
  • Connolly, Michael. The Parish Cantor
  • Fleming, Austin. Preparing for Liturgy
  • Fleming, Austin. Parish Weddings
  • Funk, Virgil. An NPM Workbook: Job Descriptions, Contracts, Salary
  • Haas, David. Music and the Mass
  • Huck, Gabe. Liturgy with Style and Grace
  • Huck, Gabe. Sunday Liturgy in Five Years
  • Iotti, Paolo. Forming a Liturgical Choir
  • Johnson, Lawrence. A Singer’s Companion to the Church Year
  • Kodner, Diana. Handbook for Cantors
  • Lovrien, Peggy. The Liturgical Music Answer Book
  • Mahony, Cardinal. Gather Faithfully Together: Guide for Sunday Mass
  • Mick, Lawrence. Worshipping Well
  • NPM, Hiring a Music Director: A Handbook and Guide
  • Phillipart, David, ed. Prayers for Those Who Make Music
  • Rendler, Elaine. This is the Day
  • Rendler, Elaine. In the Midst of the Assembly
  • Scagnelli, Peter. Sourcebook for Sundays and Seasons

Magazines and Periodicals

  • Pastoral Music (periodical) (NPM)
  • Ministry and Liturgy (periodical) (Resource Publications)
  • Rite (periodical) (LTP)
  • Gracias (periodico) (LTP)
  • Today’s Liturgy (periodical) (OCP)
  • AIM (periodical) (WLP)
  • Liturgia y Cancion (periodico) (OCP)

Videos, CDs

  • Brownstead, Frank. Cantoring: A Video Notebook: Parts I and II (videos) (OCP)
  • Fisher, Bobby. The Liturgical Guitarist: Part I and II (videos) (OCP)
  • Foley, Edward. The Eucharist as Mystagogy (4 volume CD) (WLP)
  • Prendergast, Michael. Music in the Liturgy for Small Parishes (video) (OCP)
  • The Roman Catholic Mass Today (video) (LTP)
  • We Shall Go Up with Joy: The Entrance Rite (video) (LTP)
  • The Word of the Lord: The Liturgy of the Word (video) (LTP)
  • Lift Up Your Hearts: The Eucharistic Prayer (video) (LTP)
  • Say Amen to What You Are: The Communion Rite (video) (LTP)
  • The Liturgies of the Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil (videos)(LTP)

Major Liturgical Publishers

Liturgy Training Publications (LTP); Phone: 800.933.1800

The Liturgical Press; Phone: 800.858.5450

United States Catholic Conference (USCC); Phone: 800.235.8722

Resource Publications; Phone: 888.273.7782

Oregon Catholic Press (OCP); Phone: 800.548.8749

National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM); Phone: 202.723.5800

World Library Publications (WLP); Phone: 800.566.6150

GIA Publications 800-GIA-1358