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Archdiocesan Liturgical Guidelines for the
Building and Renovation of Worship Spaces

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Archdiocesan Liturgical Guidelines for the
Building and Renovation of Worship Spaces

As a parish community begins thinking about the building or renovation of their worship space, it is essential that they read and reflect on the Church documents, Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, the General Instruction of the Roman Missal and Built of Living Stones. Copies of these documents may be reviewed or purchased by contacting the Office of Worship. Liturgical education of the building committee, and eventually the entire parish community, is crucial to the faith formation that occurs during the renovation and building process. The Archdiocesan Environment & Art Subcommittee is available for initial consultation, even before an architect is chosen or plans are drawn. Contact the Office of Worship at 831-8194.

  1. Once a conceptual design is drawn, the parish contacts the Office of Worship to arrange for a site visit. This is to be arranged at least 60 days prior to the parish’s presentation to the Archdiocesan consultors.
  2. Members of the Archdiocesan Environment & Art Subcommittee meet on site with the pastor and members of the parish building committee. The conceptual design is discussed and recommendations are made.
  3. After the visit, the Subcommittee prepares a report which is sent to the Director of the Office of Worship. The Director reviews this report and sends to Chancellor. Chancellor prepares copies of report for consultors for use at meeting with parish.
  4. If any conflicts arise, the Archbishop as Chief Liturgist, gives final approval to any proposed changes to worship space.

(For a copy of complete guidelines for entire construction process, refer to Parish Administrative Manual).


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