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† Worship &
  Christian Initiation

Worship &
Christian Initiation

Liturgical Institute
of the Southwest
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Liturgy Updates

Bibliography for RCIA

Original Sources

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, Study Text, Liturgy Training Publications

The Rites, Volume I, The Liturgical Press

Volume I

  • Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
  • Rite of Baptism for Children
  • Rite of Confirmation
  • Rite of Penance
  • Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharist Outside Mass
  • Rite of Blessing of Oils; Rite of Consecrating the Chrism
  • Rite of Marriage
  • Pastoral Care of the Sick: Rites of Anointing and Viaticum
  • Order of Christian Funerals
  • Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
    • Period of Evangelization and Catechumenate
      • Acceptance into the Order of Catechumens
    • Period of the Catechumenate
      • Election or Enrollment of Names
    • Period of Purification and Enlightenment
      • Celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation
    • Postbaptismal Catechesis or Mystagogy
  • Rites for Particular Circumstances
    • Children Who Have Reached Catechetical Age
    • Adults in Exceptional Circumstances
    • Person in Danger of Death
    • Preparation of Uncatechized Adults for Confirmation and Eucharist
    • Rite of Reception of Baptized Christians into Full Communion

Appendix I

    Additional (Combined Rites)

Appendix II

Acclamations, Hymns and Songs

Appendix III

  • National Statues for the Catechumenate
  • Rite of Baptism of Children
  • Rite of Confirmation

Pastoral Sources


  • Birmingham, Mary. Year-Round Catechumenate
  • Birmingham, Mary. Word & Worship Workbook for Years A, B and C
  • Boyer, Mark. Breathing Deeply - God’s New Life
  • Brown, Kathy and Sokol, Frank. Issues in the Christian Initiation of Children
  • Clay, Michael. A Harvest for God: Christian Initiation in the Rural and Samll-Town
  • Dunning, Jim. Echoing God’s Word: Formation for Catechists and Homilists in a
    Catechumenal Church
  • Field, Anne. From Darkness to Light: How One Became a Christian in the Early
  • Hinman, Karen. How to Form a Catechumenate Team
  • Hixson. Barbara. Formation for the Catechumenate Team: RCIA Spirituality
  • Huck, Gabe. The Three Days: Parish Prayer in the Paschal Triduum
  • Huels, John. The Catechumenate and the Law
  • Hughes, Kathleen. Saying Amen: A Mystagogy of Sacrament
  • Lukefahr, Oscar. We Believe - A Survey of Catholic Faith
  • LTP, At Home with the Word: Cycles A, B and C
  • Johnson, Lawrence. The Three Days: A Liturgical Guide
  • Johnson, Maxwell. Images of Baptism
  • Lewinski, Ron. A Guide for Sponsors
  • Lewinski, Ron. Welcoming the New Catholic
  • Milne, Mary. Sunday Dismissals for the RCIA
  • Oakham, Ron. One at the Table: The Reception of Baptized Christians
  • Ostdiek, Gil. Catechesis for Liturgy
  • RCL, Foundations in Faith Series
  • Senseman, Rita Burns. When You Are An RCIA Sponsor
  • Tufano, Victoria, ed. Celebrating the Rites of Adult Initiation: Pastoral Reflections
  • Turner, Paul. The Hallelujah Highway: A History of the Catechumenate
  • Turner, Paul. The Catechumenate Answer Book
  • USCCB. Journey to the Fullness of Life: A Report on the Implementation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults in the United States
  • Vincie, Catherine. The Role of the Assembly in Christian Initiation
  • Wilde, Jim, ed. A Catechumenate Needs Everybody
  • Wilde, Jim. Finding and Forming Sponsors and Godparents
  • Zimmerman, J. et. al. Living Liturgy: Cycles A, B and C


  • Catechumenate: A Journal of Christian Initiation , LTP
  • Liturgical Catechesis, Resource Publications
  • Today’s Parish, XXIII Publications

Videos, CDs

  • A History of the Mass (video) (LTP)
  • The Roman Catholic Mass Today (video) (LTP)
  • We Shall Go Up with Joy: The Entrance Rite (video) (LTP)
  • The Word of the Lord: The Liturgy of the Word (video) (LTP)
  • Lift Up Your Hearts: The Eucharistic Prayer (video) (LTP)
  • Say Amen to What You Are: The Communion Rite (video) (LTP)
  • The Liturgies of the Triduum: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil (videos) (LTP)
  • This is the Night, (video), (LTP)
  • Foley, Edward. The Eucharist as Mystagogy (4 volume CD) (WLP)


  • RCIA: Journey of Faith (St. Anthony Messenger)
  • The Catholic Faith: Who Are We? (St. Anthony Messenger)
  • Catholic Update (St. Anthony Messenger)
  • Understanding Catholicism (Liturgical Press)

Majot Liturgical Publishers

  • Liturgy Training Publications (LTP) 800-933-1800
  • The Liturgical Press 800-858-5450
  • Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) 800-548-8749
  • Resource Publications 888-273-7782
  • United States Catholic Conference (USCC) 800-235-8722
  • World Library Publications (WLP) 800-566-6150
  • St. Anthony Messenger Press 800-488-0488
  • Ligouri Publications 800-325-9521
  • Resources for Christian Living (RCL) 800-688-8356

National Convener of Institutes on the RCIA

North American Forum on the Catechumenate 202-529-9493


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