Fr. Mike DePalmaWelcome to the Vocations Office of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. 

First, let me introduce myself to you.  My name is Fr. Michael DePalma, and I am a Catholic priest.  It still amazes me that I am able to say that!  The journey towards priesthood in the seminary, and now the journey since ordination has been one that I never would have dreamed would have been this fulfilling.  For the men that God calls to serve His people as a priest, they too will discover that they will never be more happier, more fulfilled, more rewarded, than when God Himself forms them into this wonderful ministry. As the vocations director, I’ve been blessed to have met many exemplary young men who have entered the seminary, and I know that there are many more out there searching for that exact place that God wants them to be.

But formation has to begin somewhere!  So I invite you to take the time to check out our vocations website as well as the website for the Archdiocese of Santa Fe. 
God has greatly blessed us here in this Archdiocese with over 400 years of devotion to the Catholic Faith, and we continue to grow.  We aren’t closing parishes; in fact, we’re building new ones!  Our Catholic population continues to grow, but along with that growth comes the great need for men to answer the call to become priests who can minister to the diverse cultures that we have here in New Mexico. 
May God always be your source of inspiration and may our Lord Jesus Christ be your light in all of your discernment towards a priestly vocation.
In the Peace of Christ,
Fr. Michael DePalma
Vocations Director 

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