Dear Friends in Christ,

It is a delight for me to invite you to consider the great need that the Archdiocese of Santa Fe has for more priests and religious.  I have been a priest for over 36 years and I wouldn't trade a day of this time for anything else.

If you are called to priesthood, there is nothing that you can do with your life that will be more fulfilling for you.  We know that there are many people in our world that don't know Jesus Christ and who are unfamiliar with the rich teachings of our Catholic faith.  Without priests, there is no way that the spiritual hunger of so many people will be met.  The Lord uses the priest as His instrument in the salvation of souls and in bringing the spiritual nourishment of our Church into the lives of many people.

Everything that the Church does really lifts people up - the Sunday Eucharist, the Baptism of children and adults, the lifting of people out of sin through Confession, the counseling and encouraging of people in their daily lives, and the reverent burial of the dead.  All of these aspects of the Church lift people up, and the priest is right in the middle of it all!  Our lives' work brings us great joy and nurtures our people with spiritual blessings.

I encourage any young man, and men not so young, to consider the possibility of a priestly vocation.  I ask all who visit this web site to pray and work to promote vocations.  Surely, to serve in this historic and unique Archdiocese of Santa Fe brings a deep sense of satisfaction. 

Won't you consider joining us?

Sincerely yours in the Risen Lord,

Most Rev. Michael J. Sheehan
Archbishop of Santa Fe



Priestly Vocations

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Deacon Formation Program

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Archdiocese of Santa Fe Vocation Committee

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