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Director or Worship and Christian Initiation

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The Director of the Office of Worship and Christian Initiation is responsible for the management of all that pertains to liturgy and Christian initiation in the Archdiocese. Under the leadership of the Archbishop, the director is responsible for the development of Archdiocesan liturgical directives and for the education and implementation of Roman, National, and Archdiocesan liturgical directives. The director identifies and prioritizes goals and objectives for the Office of Worship that are in alignment with archdiocesan goals and objectives. The director adheres to the mission statement of the Catholic Center and follows the policies and procedures of the Archdiocese, Catholic Center and Pastoral Ministries Division.


  • MA in Theology/Liturgy or equivalent
  • Solid praxis in Roman Catholic theology and tradition
  • Five years experience in liturgical planning and liturgical music
  • Sensitivity and experience with multi-cultural diversity, preferably in a church environment
  • In alignment with ministerial vision of Vatican II
  • Knowledge of Spanish language; bilingual preferred
  • Evidence of continuing formation in liturgy/music
  • Proven leadership and management skills
  • Proven interpersonal skills
  • Demonstration of oral and written skills
  • Computer literacy
  • Ability to project professional, sincere, friendly persona
  • Ability to work well with staff, peers and supervisor


  1. Plan and implement archdiocesan liturgical celebrations (Rites of Election, Chrism Mass, Ordinations, etc.) and priest’s retreats and convocations, aware of the multi-lingual and multi-cultural composition of archdiocese
    1. Coordinate liturgy planning with appropriate people
    2. Assign Master of Ceremonies, as needed
    3. Choose and prepare liturgical ministers; coordinate rehearsals
    4. Prepare and print participation aids
  2. Manage Office of Worship support staff and resources
    1. Plan and manage office budget
    2. Supervise secretary
    3. Maintain music resources for review
    4. Maintain liturgical resource books and periodicals
    5. Ensure that Archdiocesan Resource Center maintains current books in liturgy and Christian Initiation
    6. Establish and develop sub-committees for Music, RCIA, Environment and Art, and other liturgical subcommittees, as needed
      1. Provide liturgical building and renovation guidance to parishes and institutions
      2. Provide liturgical music guidance to parishes and institutions
      3. Provide RCIA guidance to parishes
      4. Provide up-to-date liturgical education for ministry
  3. Research and advise Archbishop on liturgical matters
    1. Keep abreast of current liturgical issues
  4. Communicate with clergy and parish liturgical and initiation leadership
    1. Write articles for People of God, PMD Express, FYI
    2. Publish Liturgy Update on periodic basis
    3. Sponsor periodic networking sessions for liturgical leaders
  5. Consult with clergy and parish liturgical leadership on liturgical issues
    1. Respond to phone calls and letters
    2. Invite and respond to office visits
    3. Visit parishes upon request
  6. Evaluate and provide feedback on parish liturgical celebrations, as requested
  7. Develop and collaborate with Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission
    1. Provide for professional development of Liturgical Commission via periodicals, books and regional and national liturgical conference participation
    2. Coordinate and facilitate yearly goal-setting meeting
  8. Design and manage liturgical conferences, workshops, retreats, seminars for ongoing liturgical education of clergy and laity
    1. Establish goals and design learning process
    2. Hire speakers/ facilitators
    3. Secure site and accommodations
    4. Advertise and communicate
    5. Register participants
    6. Establish and manage project budget
    7. Implement on site management
  9. Maintain ongoing relationship with National and Regional liturgical groups (FDLC, BCL, SWLC, NPM, NAAL, North American Forum on the Catechumenate, Form/Reform, etc.)
  10. Liturgically coordinate Archdiocesan TV Mass
    1. Schedule presiders and musicians
    2. Choose music, provide intercessions
    3. Set up/clean up chapel
    4. Disburse stipends
  11. Serve as resource for priest’s funeral, dedication and blessing of new churches and facilities, commissioning rites, anniversaries, etc.
  12. Collaborate with Pastoral Ministries Division and other Archdiocesan offices in liturgical matters
  13. Perform comparable duties at the Catholic Center as needs require, at discretion of Executive Director of Pastoral Ministries Division
  14. May be called upon, at the discretion of the immediate supervisor, to perform comparable duties of a similar or related nature or to assist where Catholic Center needs require

PAY STEP: 11 ($41,738) 35 hours per week & excellent benefits package

CONTACT:  Director of Human Resources (505-831-8130) or email at

POSTING DATE: January 13, 2006

CLOSING DATE:  Open until filled.


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