Marriage Encounter

The Marriage Encounter weekend is an invitation for married couples to discover themselves more fully in an accepting and loving atmosphere. During the weekend they examine their relationship to each other, family and God. It's a unique way to help Christian couples make a good marriage better as they discover God's plan within it.

Marriage Encounter was founded in Spain in 1952 by Father Gabriel Calvo and seven married couples thirsty for God. The first American Marriage Encounter was held in Notre Dame in August of 1967. Marriage Encounter has been in New Mexico since 1970 and we are happy to say we have touched many couples and families.


The Weekend

Marriage Enrichment
A series of talks and a technique are shared by a team of couples and a spiritual director. Time is then allowed for each couple to share with each other. The weekend is directed totally toward the couple. It is a crash course in communication, and a technique you can use for the rest of your lives. It even gives you rules for a good argument. You will have complete privacy where you and your spouse will do all of your sharing, You share only with your spouse, no one else.

Every Marriage Encounter Weekend begins with the "I" phase, next the "We" phase, then the "We and God" phase, and we finish with "We, God, and the World." We stress to couples that marriage cannot survive if God is not in the center of the relationship.

Love Circles

A follow-up program called "Love Circles" is offered to help couples continue the benefit of the weekend.


Is Marriage Encounter For You?

Marriage Encounter is for any married couple wanting to enhance their marriage and communicate better. Although Marriage Encounter is Catholic in orientation, couples of all faiths are welcome. What a couple gets from their weekend depends on how much they put into it. Marriage Encounter aims to enrich the marriage, whether married a few years, or many.


"Rick and I love each other very much but we felt as if the world was pushing us apart. Daily problems of money, job, and children were becoming more important than our relationship. Marriage Encounter has helped us put things back into proper perspective. It's great!"

"When some friends suggested that Sheila and I make a Marriage Encounter, we were shocked and a little hurt. We were very happily married and it surprised us that they thought we needed "marriage counseling." They laughed and said that they had suggested the Encounter because we were a happily married couple."

Marriage Encounter isn't something you need, it's what your marriage deserves. For more information call 505.877.0062 or Family Life at 505.831.8117.


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