Engaged Encounter

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe requires that any couple preparing for marriage fulfill a marriage preparation course prior to their wedding day. Catholic Engaged Encounter is one of the courses that a couple may choose from.
Engaged Encounter

Engaged Encounter is designed to deepen and enrich relationships and to give the engaged couple an opportunity to talk honestly and intensively about areas of their perspective lives together. These areas include their strengths and weaknesses, their desires, goals and ambitions, their attitudes about money, sex, children, family and their roles in their church and society.

Each topic for discussion is introduced by one of two married couples sharing from their personal experiences. The engaged couples have time to reflect on each topic, first as individuals and then as a couple. Couples' private reflections are the main thrust of the weekend.

The goal of Engaged Encounter is to strengthen marriage and family life and thereby reverse the alarming divorce rate. Although a Catholic Engaged Encounter weekend is only forty hours out of the busy schedule of a couple preparing for marriage, it may be the turning point which will determine much about the quality of the couple's married life. Some couples really strengthen their love for each other as well as strengthen their communication skills. And, some couples may leave the weekend and realize that they are not meant to marry each other.

Engaged Encounter encourages couples to reach within themselves to discover that marriage is forever, - as long as they both shall live, love is forever, and God is forever present in their sacramental relationship.

For more information, call 505.352.1177 Santa Fe (voice message) or visit the Albuquerque-Santa Fe Chapter of Catholic Engaged Encounter website.