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Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan
Seeks Aid for Thousands of Tsunami Disaster Victims


Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan seeks aid for the thousands of tsunami disaster victims in 11 countries.

In a letter sent to each of the Archdiocese’s 93 parishes, Archbishop Sheehan requests that pastors take up a special collection for the needs of the victims who are suffering from the recent terrible devastation caused by massive tidal waves in Sri Lanka and other areas of Asia.

Archbishop Sheehan said,

Over 65 thousand have been killed and the lives of many others are in danger by the aftermath of the tsunami caused by an earthquake of epic power, deep beneath the Indian Ocean. We need to come to the aid of the thousands affected by this disaster.

This coming weekend, Sunday, January 2, I ask that you contribute to the special collection which will be immediately forwarded to Catholic Relief Services for disbursement. I also ask that you join me in prayer that the nations of the world will continue to unite to alleviate the traumatic suffering of our brothers and sisters affected by this staggering quirk of nature.



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