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Key Bills

Senate Bill 442: Parental Notification Act

This bill would require anyone performing an abortion on a minor to notify her parent/guardian of her intention to have an abortion. These are the exceptions for notification: to prevent the pregnant minor's death, if the parent/guardian certifies in writing that they have already been notified, or if the minor refuses notification of the parent/guardian, in which case she will have to have a judicial hearing to determine whether an abortion without notification of a parent/guardian is in her best interest.

This bill was unable to get out of the committee on the House floor for a vote. Your help is needed to get this bill out of the Senate floor onto the floor for a vote. Originally, the committee hearing for this bill was held on Thursday, February 15th but there was a great turn out of over 80 supporters at this hearing and because of the number of people who showed up at Thursday's hearing, the hearing has been rescheduled for Tuesday, February 20th at 2:30, in room 321.

We need you help to ensure that parents' rights are protected and our children are kept safe. Come join us on Tuesday! For further ways to help, go to our Take Action! link! To review the bill, go to the Legislative Website/Bill Finder.


Senate Bill 1080: Tax Credit for a Donation to a School Tuition Organization

This bill was introduced by Senator James Taylor. This is the bill we've been waiting for! Unlike SB 284, this one targets low income students and has a cap of five million dollars. We feel this is the right bill that will help students have the opportunity to attend our schools. The scholarships may be used at any qualified elementary or secondary school.

Let your senators know that it's time to act in helping us help the students of NM. We are grateful to the senators for realizing the importance of parental choice in choosing schools for their children. To review the bill go to the Legislative Website/Bill Finder. To find out ways to help, go to our Take Action! link.


Senate Bill 284: Tuition Scholarship Tax Credit

This bill was introduced by Senator Mark Boitano. Taxpayers may claim a tax credit on up to $500 of contributions made to an accredited non-governmental school if funds are used to provide educational scholarships or grants to one or more students.

This bill has passed the Senate Education Committee. Please review the bill at the Legislative Website/Bill Finder and then go to our Take Action! link to find out how you can help support this bill.


Other Bills/Issues

The following is a list of key issues that the NM Conference of Bishops have decided to address and to present a position. There will be other issues to be added to this list later and the actual bill information will be included later as well.

The Conference OPPOSES the following bills/issues:

State funding of embryonic stem cell research that kills a human embryo.

NM Catholic Conference of Bishops' Press Conference On Embryonic Stem Cell Research
Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 2:30 PM Stem Cell Research

Take Action!


The Conference SUPPORTS the following issues/bills:

Parental notification for a minor to have an abortion.

Repeal of the death penalty.

Regulating payday lending.

Workman’s Comp for farm workers.

Low income students’ scholarship fund.

Technology funding for schools.

Funding for the housing trust fund.

An increase in the minimum wage.

Funding for adult basic education.

Additional funding for pre-K.

Lottery reform.